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Home office IT Support | Home IT Services | Managed IT Services

Virus/Spyware Removal

If you've been on the internet in the past five years, chances are you've encountered a virus or two in that time. The latest iterations of spyware and viruses have advanced to the point where they can't simply be elminated with off-the-shelf software. We have specialized software, equipment and expertise to eliminate all types of spyware and viruses, without losing your data.

Hardware Upgrades and Repairs

Is your computer running more slowly than it used to? Do you wish you were able to play the latest games and run the newest software? We have the experience and parts to upgrade and repair almost any type of machine - laptops included. From new video cards, to larger hard drives, we can upgrade your machine at a price that's much less than the "nerd squad" at your local electronics retailer.

Home/Small Business Networks

Does your home or business have multiple computers that you want to network together? Do you want to "go wireless" so you can surf the web on your couch? DMC Services can set up your wireless network, install cabling and jacks for a wired network and even link your home network to your office... And if your kids want to hook up their XBOX, Playstation or Wii to the internet, we can help with that too.

Data Backup and Recovery

Of all the uncertainties in the computer world, one thing is for sure: Hard Drives can and will fail. In the event of a failure, DMC Services can, in many cases, help you recover your lost data. We can also set up your home or office on a scheduled backup plan so that when failure occurs, you can be back up and running quickly.

If you are interested in robust, low-cost offsite backup solution, please ask us about our cloud storage service, powered by Symform. This service encrypts your data and stores it on the Symform cooperate storage cloud in case of a disaster. If disaster does strike, you will have the peace of mind that you can get your business back up and running at another location in hours.

Software Upgrades and Installation

Do you want to upgrade your machine to the latest version of Windows (or downgrade to a more stable version)? Do you need specialized software for photo editing, accounting or practive management? We serve all industries and are familiar with the myriad software packages businesses have in service.

Peripheral Repair and Installation

Got a problem with that printer of yours? Need to find a new printer or scanner than can be shared by multiple machines? DMC Services has expert knowledge of many kinds of peripherals and accessories. From printers and scanners, to fax machines and label printers, there isn't much we haven't had experience with. We even have HP-certified technicians on staff.