Top Four Myths About Computer Hacking

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  1. “I won’t be targeted.”

Many people think it’s unlikely their website will be the one that gets hacked. While it is very unlikely someone is going to target you or your information specifically, some hackers work toward broad invasion. It’s not always about getting information or data. Their goal can be to use your storage space or even take advantage of other resources you have acquired.

  1. “I use common sense online so I don’t need protection.”

Some websites are safer than others because they’re not all well protected. However, even safe websites can get hacked. Youtube is a good example of a commonly used, seemingly safe website that has been hacked according to No matter how safe you are online, it’s important to utilize an anti-virus or other protection tool. Browsing websites online is comparable to driving: just because you drive safe doesn’t mean everyone else does too.

  1. “It takes a technological genius to be a hacker.”

A common misconception about hacking is you have to be a genius with technology. There are now “How-To” books and easy downloads to learn hackingyou only need a desire and time to learn. Another type of hacking called “Social Engineering” requires even less technological skill. It is the manipulation of people into disclosing confidential information and happens most commonly via “phishing” or sending out emails, claiming to be a reputable business.

  1. “I take a lot of precaution so I am completely safe.”

Regardless how much you work to protect yourself or your assets online, there will always be a certain level of risk. According to, protecting your business from just 95% of security threats would cost your entire company budget. Also, the safer your products are from outside threats, the less usable they tend to be. You could turn your computer off, lock it in a safe and it would be completely secure, but completely useless. There is no way to protect yourself completely from possible hacking because there is no perfect system.

While there is no perfect system, taking an effort to protect your technology is still important. To learn how you can best protect your system from viruses and hackers, give our team at DMC a call at (405) 227-0306.

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