5 Ways to Prevent IT Problems at Work

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Our computers, smartphones and gadgets are lifesavers when it comes to organizing. From productivity apps to file sharing and cloud storage, they ensure all the pieces come together in making us successful at work.

But, every business outgrows its IT systems at some point. In fact, sometimes technology can get in the way of the issues its trying to solve. When this happens, usually a complete overhaul is needed. Sounds like a nightmare, right? This results in tacked-on costs through delays, overruns and changes in the system.

Here at DMC Services, we believe tech should increase your productivity in your business — not hinder it. That’s why it’s crucial to take action before the issues arise.


Here are 5 ways to prevent IT problems at work:

Invest in some training.

Sometimes your computer issue may lie within a simple gap of software knowledge. When this happens, don’t fret. When working with a new platform, take advantage of the tutorials. For more advanced how-to’s, check out Lynda and Skillshare for some fantastic resources. This will not only save you headaches, but you’ll increase your value to the business you’re working for.


Don’t wait until the last minute.

Our team at DMC Services can’t stress this point enough. Big problems usually start out small — which is why you should tackle them as soon as they arise. If you encounter a warning message or unexpected error, play it safe and call your IT company. Addressing the issue head-on protects file loss while maintaining your project timelines.


Outdated can be considered broken.

When it comes to computers, devices and other hardware, don’t wait until it’s malfunctioning to replace it. Often you’ll run the risk of losing data if your software no longer supports your program updates. When in doubt, make appropriate upgrades and give our team a call if you need some recommendations.


Play it safe.

Computers fail. That’s the nature of the beast. But, you can prevent data loss through backup storage and cloud devices. Having a plan makes all the difference in the case of an emergency.


Know when to call in the pros.

When a technical issue is serious enough, sometimes you just need to call in the big guns. Or, in this case, your friendly neighborhood IT crew. If you’re spending hours trying to fix the issue, just give us a call and we’ll probably be able to fix it in one. Having a pro by your side is a great way to maintain operations.


By taking these five preventative, you’ll be able to address any minor computer issues and be well on your way to recovery. As we mentioned before, if you run into anything serious, just know that DMC is always available and ready to help. All it takes is a call at (405) 227-0306 and we’ll be there faster than you can say Apple.

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