Business Continuity: Are You Prepared if Disaster Strikes?

12-06-2016 at 03:10 pm - Staff - Posted in: News - 0 Comment

One of our business partners recently experienced a fire in their building and they were forced to work remotely for over a week while they were searching for a new office home. Here is what they experienced and how a business continuity service helped them maintain normalcy in the midst of chaos.

With our Business Continuity service, we were able to provide a space for their internet and phone service to come through with a standby rate while they worked out of a home office. While insurance covers the physical things that this company lost, insurance would not have covered the revenue from the loss of their customers or setbacks as a result from relocating. With our service, they were able to stay on track.

Business continuity is defined as the concept of staying on course and continuing to provide services, even in the event of obstacles. When unexpected circumstances strike, we want to provide you with a contingency plan that keeps your company in business and keeps your customers satisfied in the process. To learn more about our business continuity or other services, give us a call at (405) 227–0306.

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